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tv   Hannity  FOX News  July 19, 2011 12:00am-1:00am EDT

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sophist. i'm bill o'reilly, remember the spin stops here. >> sean: the great debt debate rolls on. are we closer to a deal or further away? dick morris has the latest. >> the new gop plan to address the deficit hits the house floor tomorrow. the anointed one vows to veto the short-term bill. >> the line in the sand has been drawn. republicans pushing spending cuts. democrats pushing tax increases. is there any common ground? >> plus, bill maher takes it way too far with his controversial comments about congresswoman michelle bachmann. we have it on tape. we are on the road to 2012. hannity starts right here, right now. another day has passed still no deal reached between the white house and congressional republicans on how to reduce
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america's monstrous debt. a private meeting sunday between chief of staff and two top republicans in the house failed to bring both sides closer to a deal. today administration aides were sounding the alarm about the so-called catastrophic consequences of failing to reach agreement by august 2nd. >> the august 2nd deadline is serious. the consequences of default would be catastrophic. it would be an instant tax on every american in the country. anyone who pays a credit card bill, anyone who pays a mortgage, who deals with interest rates would immediately feel the affects. >> sean: the president declared thursday that he wanted to see a path to a deal within the next 24 to 36 hours. today is monday, no progress has been made. joining me with analysis author of "revolt" dick morris. how are you? >> good to be here.
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i'm in missouri, the country music capital of the world. >> sean: tony orlando's home. boehner has scheduled a vote. the president has been fear-mongering, scaring seniors, demagoguing the issue. even warren buffet is upset about the class warfare, private jets. boehner scheduled a vote on cutting 111 billion now for 2012. cutting serious cuts. capping spending. and a balanced budget amendment. i think strategically, this is what the republicans need to do. they have one house. they don't have the senate. now put the onus on the president and put them on record where they stand. is this a good strategy, in your view? >> it is half of a good strategy. the other half is they should prepare for war . the way to prepare for war is call the president's bluff. the united states government borrows 40% of the money that it spending.
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it takes in through taxes 60% of the money. so it is still going to get tax revenues. the question is what do you use the revenues for? the republicans should pass two bills. first, tax revenues should be priority spent on avoiding default, paying the military and sending out social security checks. the second bill should say if this is inadequate in revenue flow the treasury secretary may borrow money, above the debt limit, if all of it goes to paying debt service and certifies there is no other source. the reason clinton won the government shutdown of '96, is he committed to a balanced budget and that cut the ground out from under gingrich. if the house says, all of these fear tactics aren't going to happen. social security will be fine. defaults will be fine. military will be a. but the post office, amtrak and interior department and bureaucracy, epa those are the folks that are going to be closed down, they are going to
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win this fight. >> sean: i agree with you. i agree with cut, cap and balance. it i -- i think it is where the mood of the country is. rasmussen poll only 34% want to raise taxes. people understand this is a spending problem. here's my concern. mcconnell did co-sponsor the cut, cap and balance bill in the senate. he put forward a proposal, this is my concern, the so-called fall-back, last minute deal that reid likes, obama likes, pelosi likes. i'm concerned that in fact, we may have a situation where they've all been winking and nodding at each other saying we are going to satisfy those conservatives on paper. in reality we are going to do this deal which would cede all power of the house of representatives and their control of spending to the president of the united states. that to me would be a failure of leadership by republicans. >> i agree with you completely. i have a video on my site now,
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bar -- borrowing bruce springsteen's line, no retreat baby, no surrender. the republican view put by mccon mel is a surrender. it says to mark you handle this and we'll blame you for it politically, is ab sure. it draws a line in the sand between those republicans who are real any rhinos, who are deal-making republicans. and those who are real true believers who want to cut the size of government and got elected to congress in 2010 and mean business about that. it is very, very, very important that every one of your viewers write senators and congressmen particularly republicans and demand huge spending cuts in return for any debt limit increase. failing those cuts that they have the courage and gut to stand in there and say no debt limit increase. and the world is not going to fall apart. because obama has enough tax revenue to pay for this stuff. >> sean: we take in 200
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billion dollars in the month of august. takes care of interest on the debt. social security, medicare, medicaid, the military. we have 39 billion leftover this is where i think strategically, some republicans need to see how strong a hand they have. goldman sachs downgrades their gdp growth forecast dramatically. standard & poor's is warning about eliminating the aaa bond rating. moody's is saying to congress, eliminate the debt limit. get rid of raising the debt ceiling. under this president he risks the aaa bond rating of the country. you want to talk about an instant tax increase that would be worst-case scenario if we don't deal with the underlying problem. how should the republicans make that case? >> this is all democratic baloney. there is no chance that we are going to go into default there is no chance we are not going to send out social security.
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>> sean: but they are scaring the american people. >> because they want to protect the burden s that work in the epa ab -- and state department, justice department, white house staff and our embassies and ice and all of those agencies. they are using social security and default as headliners because that is going to attract the currency. if the republicans pass a bill, it will be their position, and say every dime that walks in the door, you use to avoid default, pay the military and social security. if by some chance enough doesn't come in, you can borrow extra money, if every penny goes to averting default and there's no other source of money. do that, you cut the basis out from under the democrats and they have not a leg to stand on. >> sean: why are you they talking a fall-back position. once they pass that the shoe is on the other foot. it is like political jujitsu.
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and the now i don't see how he gets out. i think the president will capitulate, acquiesce. he has no choice in this. >> once you pass that bill that we are talking about, the conditional and the prioritization. if the president chooses not to send out social security checks and instead pays the postal employees that's his decision and he has to live with that politically if he said he's going to default and pay amtrak, has to make those decisions. he's not going to do that. he's going to cave in. the republicans should not be surrendering. they should not be following mcconnell's view. they are right to embrace cap, cut and balance and then prepare for war. in war you want conditional payment of the debt limit so default is of the table and priorityization so social security and military pay is ever the table. -- then let obama stew. >> sean: i totally agree.
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dick, i can't brief it. you are very good on these government shutdown issues. >> yeah, right. switch hitter. >> sean: you are a pro. >> thank you. >> sean: republicans are moving forward with a plan to offer up a balanced budget amendment in the house and hopefully the senate. we are learning that president obama is threatening to veto that measure if it passes. when we come back senator lindsey graham is going to join us. the 3.6-liter v6 engine of the jeep grand cherokee has a best-in-class driving range of over 500 miles per tank. so you can catch morning tee time in pebble beach and the afternoon meeting in losngeles all without running out of gas. st make sure you don't run out of gas. ♪
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i think if you look at where the parties are compared to discussions over the last decades, there are things that both sides are talking about doing that are dramatic. i think there's still time to get something big done. the president has made it clear he wants to do something substantial. >> sean: that was budget director lew talking about the debt negotiations. he says the president wants to do something substantial. we found out how hollow that pledge is. the administration announced if the republicans cut cap and balance pledge were to pass the house and senate, president crybaby would veto this the plan gaining momentum tackles america's fiscal crisis making mandatory spending reductions that would reduce the deficit, cap spending at 18% of the gdp and send to the states a balanced
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budget amendment to the u.s. constitution. those measures would prevent this president from pursuing his reckless tax and spend agenda, which explains why he's opposed to it. joining me with his take south carolina senator lindsey graham. how are you? >> good, thanks for having me. >> sean: it is simple to me. this is the moment of truth. they election in 2010, the biggest mid term in 70 years. i'll quote president obama, we won, conservatives won. cut, cap and balance, do you support it? >> totally. i'm not going to vote to raise the debt ceiling unless we address what got us in debt to begin with. the president talks about a big deal. this is the real deal. cuts never come in the near term but under this plan they would. you would cut the government beginning next year. cap the deficit -- cap spending 10 years to wipe out the deficit and have a balanced budget amendment to the constitution to provide discipline to the congress. how many people believe the
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republican and democratic party, without some change in the way we do business is ever going to balancea9m the budget? if the president wants to do big things, support a balanced budget amendment to the constitution requiring all of us to do what every american has to do, balance the budget. >> sean: the president is demagoguing the issue, scaring seniors, playing class warfare. the president is not being honest. we are going to take in 200 billion dollars in august. that pays for interest on the debt. which we have to pay so we are not going to go belly un. it pays for social security. no senior is going to be without social security. pays for medicare, medicaid, our military in every pass economy. -- in every capacity and still has 39 billion leftover. if worst comes to worth why not say we'll write a bill and prioritize our spending? >> what dick morris said made sense to me.
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here's what every republican has to ask themselves. if the last election wasn't about the size and scope of the government, what was it about? it was about the size and scope of the government. and we won. we have a chance to cut, cap and balance, to keep the country from becoming greece. i don't need a cover vote. i don't need to go home and say, obama raised the debt limit, i didn't. i want to say the debt limit was raised to keep the country from going bankrupt to keep from becoming greece over time. cut, cap and balance is a reasonable approach. i'm not looking for a political solution. i'm looking for an economic solution. to any republican u, you have to ask yourself, at the end of the day, did we change things in washington? >> sean: senator, if that's the goal this is a moment of truth. >> it is. >> sean: for the country. we will become greece that's high greatest fear. >> we are going to be greece. >> sean: no doubt about it. i'm concerned about senator
12:17 am
mcconnell's plan. i won't reveal the content. we had a long discussion. to his credit he didn't ask me to change my disagreement with him on his plan. but i'm concerned that there -- senators demint, rubio, rand paul, they are saying no way to the mcconnell plan. i'm concerned democrats will support. i don't think house republicans will support it. do you see the danger in having that as a last minute option hanging out there? >> i think we should take this fight to the american people. and challenge the president to be for something. he's for a big deal but won't tell us what the big deal is. we put the ultimate big deal on the table. balanced budget amendment to the constitution that requires both parties to stop spending like drunken sailors. senator mcconnell is a good man. he's trying to find a political solution to what he perceives to be a political problem. the election want about politics, it was about the future of our country.
12:18 am
how can any republican say i raised the debt limit, two trillion additional borrowing only cut the government by 1.5 trillion? no republican can do that and survive, nor should they be able to. >> sean: can i put you on the record as opposing the mcconnell plan? >> as i understand it, yes. how can you raise the debt limit and not cut the government an equal amount and say you live within the mandate of the 2010 election? it is bigger. you and i are worried about august they are, not august 2nd. i don't want to wake up august 3rd and have kicked the can down the road. done nothing about the reason we borrow 40 cents on every dollar and every child in america is saddled with $40,000 of national debt the day they are born. i've 56-years-old, i know we can do better. the republican party has a chance to side with the american people. if we do, president obama will give in and do a big deal.
12:19 am
>> sean: i agree with you. i don't know if republicans know how much power we have. i don't think he wants to go down in history -- >> i don't either. he has a chance to be a historic president for the good. >> sean: he's going to be pulled kicking and screaming into this deal. if the republicans do capitulate, i think they will be primaried and a lot will rightfully be fired. i will be as a conservative, i will feel they have let us down. would i be right in my feelings? >>ñlymñ if the election of the 0 election was not about the size and scope of the government, what was it about? if we do not cease the moment and insist on reasonable changes to keep our country from becoming greece and lose the american dream, we shouldn't be in power. >> sean: well said. thanks for being with us. >> with both sides unwilling to budge. who is in the right? latest events in ohio may provide the answer. >> bill maher and company made presidential candidate michelle bachmann the subject
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>> sean: republicans and democrats seem unlikely to find common ground.
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democrats are insisting that revenue measures, what i call tax increases, constitute a major part of any deal. gop keeps calling for spending cuts. who is right? the state of ohio may provide a useful case study. days after governor kasich signed a new budget into law san diego and poors revise the rating -- standard & poor's revise the debt to . eliminating state tax and preserving 800 million dollar cut in personal income tax that went into effect in january that budget was voted into law on a party line vote. will the same be true on the federal level? joining me steve mcmahon. and former maryland governor bob ehrlich. guys welcome back. do you think steve, any candidate running for office today, could win saying they want to raise taxes and
12:25 am
increase spending? >> well, i think it would be a difficult road. i don't think there are many candidates out there that would say that. there is broad agreement there has to be major cuts in spending and deficit reduction across the board. >> sean: i didn't ask you this part. i'm trying to get you know cussed here. the last time somebody ran on raise -- focused here. the last time somebody ran on raising taxes, what was his name? walter mondale. how many states did he lose? >> in 2008 the president said -- >> sean: i didn't ask you that. how many states -- >> people who make more than $250,000 -- >> sean: i don't want your liberal. >> the president ran on raising taxes for people who make over $250,000 a year. and he won 390 electoral votes. >> sean: small business own there's create 70% of the jobs in the country. governor -- [ talking over each other ]
12:26 am
>> he lost a few months ago. people need to remember that. the american people sent a very different message to washington, d.c. in november. >> sean: governor, 39% now is the president's an previously rating. -- president's approval rating. a generic ballot shows he would lose by eight points to an unnamed republican. he got us into this by creating the largest deficits and debt in history. >> would you repeat discretionary increased 20% over the last two years this president anna nancy pelosi and the democratic leadership and hard left wing of the democratic party helped bring us to this point. i know republicans have had a problem in the past, we spent too much, the american people fired for us for reasons. the spending has gotten out of control the last two years. suddenly everybody is a fiscal conservative. suddenly we have to fix it. but for midterm elections we
12:27 am
would not be talking about fixing it. >> sean: i agree. as angry as republicans got at the republican congress in 2006, they paid a dear price. barack obama's four times as bad in this year alone 1.65 trillion in deficit for one year. steve, the question i have, you look at reelect numbers. explain to me why cut, cap and balance the budget amendment is such a bad idea? you think we are paying too little in taxes? >> i think the people who make over $250,000 a year -- >> sean: business owners. >> you can say they are business owners. they are wealthy people who got their taxes cut. if they have legitimate business expenses if they want to deduct this is the income that passes through to them and their family. they are not paying the same rate they pay -- >> sean: you mean like ted kennedy's family? >> exactly like ted kennedy and wealthy people like you,
12:28 am
me and probably the governor. >> sean: speak for yourself. >> they are not paying what they paid when bill clinton was president. >> sean: wait a minute. the top 10% governor pay 70% of the bill. 50% of americans pay nothing in federal income tax. >> how much more progressive can you get?3én cc and b is the right thing to do. it is good policy and good politics. it is not going to become law. at least the republican in the house are saying this is what we are. this is the essence of why we are here. it is a historic time. this defines us. we are going to vote on it. >> sean: all right. if they don't stand strong governor, if they back down, i will tell you, they will have failed the american people. and they will have fail the tea party and every conservative in this country. am i right or wrong? >> it is not just failing the tea party, it is failing my
12:29 am
grandchildren. i don't even have grandchildren yet. it is failing future generations. this is a historic time. it doing the right thing. i love john kasich he's taking a hit in the polls because he's done some tough stuff. doing tough stuff might hurt short time with regard to polling. but it is the right thing to do. this is the time to do it and the american people understand it. >> sean: steve, look at standard & poor's and moody's. we are going to lose our aaa rating. imf says china takes over our economy in five years. we've -- he's got everything he wanted. every promise he made, he has driven this economy, to use his analogy, in a ditch. and we can't get out. why wouldn't he support cut, cap and balance? >> first it is a bumper sticker not a solution. the 14th amendment says the united states debt shall not be questioned and we are on the verge of defaulting on debt. the tea party folks should be
12:30 am
able to have their vote and take their stan. if we become greece because we default on our debt and interest rates go up for everybody and 401(k) peels off and the stock market crashes that will be the tea party. >> sean: it is like crack cocaine for these guys in washington. they are addicted to it. [ talking over each other ] >> someone has to draw a line this is the time to do it. these times don't come around off. >> right off the cliff the tea party. >> sean: and it is now time to save the country from his mess! it is his policy steve. socialist, redistribution, our patriotic duty, we are broke we can't afford it. [ talking over each other ] >> the american people are tired of the class warfare. >> sean: steve, we'll put a
12:31 am
special box on your tacks that says, i steve mcmahon many stupid enough that i think i'm under taxed, we'll let you pay more. -- >> i think people who make a lot of money should pay more. >> there's a reason that 9.2 unemployment hasn't moved. businesses not hiring. small business people really feeling the pressure. >> the tax burden is the lowest it has been in 50 years. >> sean: the show thrives on converse a and comedy are bill maher's latest attacks over-the-top, and for him? that and our great american panel, coming up.
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>> sean: bill maher has officially taken his offensive shock-jock factor comedy tour too far. critics furious over statements that the always controversial far left commentator made on his hbo
12:36 am
show. listen to the ruthless attacks that he hurls at republicans specifically, two gop women, sarah palin and michelle bachmann. >> you wrote something in the atlantic which sarah palin will never read, why read an ocean. >> watch bachmann she believes in what she says she is not a fake like a lot of these other ones. she is real. >> she is not a mean girl. she is a crazy girl with mean ideas. isn't it scary that someone who wants to be president hears god talking to her? republicans have to stop thinking up psychological explanations for why liberals don't like sarah palin or michelle bachmann. let me save you time. are you ready? because they are crazy people. it is not because they have breasts. it is because they are . we can't throw around -- they are boobs. we can't there around the word sexist to stop people lake me to point out michelle bachmann
12:37 am
isn't a dangerous tpheufrpb poop. when i point out that -- nincompoop. when i point out that sarah palin is a liar, professional victim, no it all, bully who sells patriotism like a many and leader of estranged family of inbred weirdoes. >> sean: will hbo do anything? joining me jedediah bila. and andrea tantaros. how are you? >> good. >> sean: i don't want him fired. he can say whatever he wants. here's what he have to examine is this double standard. now it is so over-the-top, so vicious, so mean, so cruel. i don't hear this coming from conservatives about liberals. >> it would never happen. if it would happen, there would be calleds for them to be fired. they would be reprimanded. i think bill maher, reveals an
12:38 am
ugly side of the far left. he does nothing to help democrats. he does nothing to help women. even though women's groups sit silent. i think he's an insecure man desperate for attention. he calls a dangerous nincompoop. he's the nincompoop, but he's not dangerous, he's trying to be relevant. because he's that angry guy desperate for attention. >> sean: he hates god, he hates religion, he wants to be hugh hefner. >> he hates the word sexist is being thrown at him. he throws the word racist around every chance he gets. every person in the tea party is racist. when someone sees he is making vulgar statements about women, michelle bachmann and sarah palin in particular and they throw the word sexist around he cowhers in the corner. -- he could youers in the corner and can't handle it. >> sean: let's roll this tape. >> there you go fox news for your blogs. you republicans are like
12:39 am
arafat. [ applause ] [ >> i wish they all [ bleep ] >> they are grifters and scum bags. >> i don't want to be crass. i hope marcus bachmann takes that rage that comes from repressure and denial and brings it into the bedroom with her. i hope he [ bleep ] angrily. that's how i would. and i thought about it. >> only michelle bachmann was -- [ bleep ] rick santorum. >> sean: sick stuff. >> name cizs-1% this is probably the lowest of the low of all his shows. i don't watch him, based on the comments, this has got to be the lowest of the low. >> sean: i don't know why any conservative would go on the issue that's a separate issue. where is the outrage over don
12:40 am
imus? one comment, 6:15 in the morning. apologize, apologize. some people have to get fired some can say anything and don't. is it because he hides under the umbrella of i'm a comedian too? >> it is because he's a liberal and they get away with mur when -- get away with murder when it cop to conservative women. >> sean: why? >> someone like sarah palin who has strong executive experience, you can't pick on her policy. he would look ridiculous. he picks on ridiculous things. the latest is going after her family and her child, which i think is disgusting. i would like to see some of the strong men in the gop on the right stand up and say enough is enough. even gop on the far right. >> bob beckel did it earlier. he condemned it. you don't hear anybody rise up as jed decide -- jedediah pointed out and condemn this.
12:41 am
>> sean: take bill maher out. this is sean hannity saying pick any two liberal women. and this is what i say about them. >> if you had a choice, gun to your head, which one is it? >> i hope sarah palin gets in so they split the milf vote. bachmann at least she is somebody who can read. she has a job of the she was a lawyer. she is in congress. she not someone who just sits there and reads the prayers on her blackberry like sarah palin. we are splitting hairs here. >> sean: i watched this. he has his head so far up barack obama, without using his vernacular, he wouldn't know an intelligent person if he saw one. he's got this really -- almost a dark agenda. hates god, hates conservative
12:42 am
women, says anything. >> i think it is deeper than politics. i'm not dr. ablow there is something about him. he talks about sex all the time. did some woman in high school or now that looks like sarah palin blow him off? i think the reason why liberals are so angered by sarah palin and particularly women, are angered is because they are so deeply threatened to the far left. >> they look at women and say you should be on our side. you should be pro-choice how dare you, you trader. that's why women's groups don't defend them if you are not a pro abortion leftist, we don't need to defend you. >> sean: at the end of the day all of this over-the-top rhetoric only helps them. it increases their popularity. base rally is behind them. any one of them will be a better president than this failure we have president crybaby in the white house. >> the worst of the far left by doing nothing, just being
12:43 am
ourselves. >> sean: i don't think it hurts. thanks guys. >> our great, great american panel is n n n n n n [ male announcer ] to the 5:00 a.m. scholar. the two trains and a bus rider. the "i'll sleep when it's done" academic. for 80 years, we've been inspired by you. and we've been honored to walk with you to help you get where you want to be ♪ because your moment is now. let nothing stand in your way. learn more at with less chronic low back pain. imagine living your life with less chronic osteoarthritis pain. imagine you, with less pain. cymbalta can help. cymbalta is a non-narcotic treatment that's fda-approved to manage chronic musculoskeletal pain. one pill a day, every day, can help reduce this pain. tell your doctor right away if your mood worsens, you have unusual changes in mood or behavior
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>> sean: on our great american panel he's back beckel is in the house. he's a senior correspondent on our sister network the fox business network, our friend charles gasparino is back. noelle nikpour also here. i'm getting to you last for a reason. >> you started introducing me i could tell you were happy to have me. >> sean: i am glad you are here. >> please go ahead. >> sean: how important is it republicans not go along with the mcconnell deal? i think this is it. >> i've got to tell you, taxes did not get us into this trouble. it is government spending. spending got us into trouble. >> sean: cut, cap and balance works for you?
12:48 am
>> this just one thing. we need to think of a solution to pay our debt long term. >> sean: cut, cap and balance do it? >> absolutely. >> he's going to wring my neck. we are not going to default teen if we don't raise the debt cap. we have enough on hand to pay debt service that's all the markets care about. despite nonsense from moody's and s&p, treasury prices are going up. deals are going down. we have enough money to pay that we have enough money to pay medicare, maybe social security. do we have enough to keep government going forever the size? no. >> you have lost your mine. >> sean: will you get rid of your liberal side for a moment. you are a smart analyst. why would liberals oppose cut, cap and balance? >> because the balanced budget
12:49 am
amendment is something we have always opposed forcing you to make drastic cuts. first, it won't pass because it requires 2/3 vote. will not get through the senate. >> sean: 25 democrats on record -- >> i understand but it is not going to get through. you are going to end up with the mcconnell-reid bill. 1.5 trillion in cuts, no taxes. it going to be in two -- [ unintelligible ] 2/3 required to beat him, when he puts forth. the most important part is this debt commission which is mandated for a vote in january. you have to vote -- you know the -- [ talking over each other ] >> gasparino is right. i talked to my congressman today in arkansas, we have the money to pay the debt. >> he asked me to be an analyst. [ talking over each other ] >> you've got to put a bill in by friday of this week in order to clear the august 2nd
12:50 am
date. >> sean: as a conservative, that bill passes, i will say the republican party has taken their mandate and flushed it down the toilet. they were not hired for this crap. these backroom deals. these crumby compromises. am i right? >> i think so. listen, we need to have a real debate about the size of government. the only way you do that is put the gun at the head of the government. by the way, weather not going to default. you guys, tim geithner, you, the president have done such a disservice. you talk about -- [ talking over each other ] >> sean: one at a time. >> he passes things on a crisis. i'm sick and tired of obama -- [ talking over each other ] >> unemployment never got to what he said. [ talking over each other ]
12:51 am
>> you blaming it on bush once again. >> sean: we have to take a break. >> no, no. >> sean: yes, we have to take a break. >> oh, you gotta take a break. ♪ ♪ i like your messy hair ♪ i like the clothes you wear ♪ i like the way you sing ♪ and when you dance with me ♪ you always make me smile
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>> sean: we continue with our great american panel. this debate has gotten hot and furious at moments insane in washington. here's congresswoman sheila jackson lee. >> why is he different? in my community, that is the question that we raise. in the minority community that is the question that is being raised. why is this president being treated so disrespectfully? why has the debt limit been raised 60 times? why does the leader of the senate continually talk about his job is to bring the president down to make sure he's unelected? it is 2011, it is not 2012. you need to play those politics in 2012, not now. >> sean: obama voted against raising the debt ceiling with all due respect he's the worst president on record. he's jimmy carter on steroids. >> that's something new. >> i think i can speak for the
12:56 am
whole panel. i think she is a nut. >> you can speak for me on that. most of the time she is. that was right. what she said was right. >> she raised the right question. her conclusion is insane. why is this guy being treated differently? the immense amount of spending. not only that bob, he's talking down the economy. every time he goes up there and talks about mill -- millionaires and billionaires who make $250,000 a year? >> you are jumping on him every time unemployment goes up you know in your heart of hearts you are happy. [ talking over each other ] >> i've written extensively i thought the economy was going to turn around this year and that would be good. it hand. why? we have a president reverting back, everybody thought he would go right. he went left. [ talking over each other ] >> sean: we lost the
12:57 am
analytical. >> why do you keep saying that obama is responsible for making jobs? [ talking over each other ] >> i'm not talking about the guy that mows your lawn. i'm talking companies that hire people. you say why are you hoarding cash? we are afraid of what is coming out of washington. >> i'll make this real. i talked to a guy today in new orleans who has a big marina. he is telling me now when he makes a profit he puts it back into his company. he creates jobs. and he creates people that pay taxes. and as for the corporate jet deal. he uses -- [ talking over each other ] >> he uses a corporate jet to fly his crew so they can fix things -- [ talking over each other ] >> i think that is great. >> working-class guys build
12:58 am
those corporate jets. >> i understand that. >> sean: hang on a second. i worked in restaurants since i'm 12-years-old. i've worked in every business in the construction industry. i never got higher boyd a poor person. to bill a -- hired by a poor person. to build a jet, geld, showers, office, bed, nice seats the hydraulics, electrical, plumbing, the carpeting, the plane, is manufactured by people that have jobs. [ talking over each other ] >> whoever made that hairpiece should go back-to-school. >> it is not a hairpiece, it is real. >> you think donald trump will not have his plane? >> why make it more difficult? >> the yacht tax didn't create jobs for yacht builders. i worked in a shipyard. >> you ever plucked chicken? >> sean: no.
12:59 am
>> i did that one half of one hour and quit. >> we have tyson food in arkansas, which employs so many people. >> who was that guy frank purdue, he's dead isn't he. he should have been shot. >> sean: he should have been shot? >> yes. >> sean: i love perdue chicken. >> it is disgusting ever see how they raise those things. [ talking over each other ] >> i think they need more tax breaks so they can raise them better. >> there you go. [ talking over each other ] >> sean: 50% of americans don't pay taxes. >> they have no skin in the game. >> give us more! >> i think that is right. charlie should pay more and you should pay more. >> sean: and you should pay more. that's all the time we have left. thank you for being with us. greta is next.


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